Sunbit Dishbar

Introducing Sunbit Dishbar: Power-packed with the Extreme Grease Cutter formula and a magical lemon-vinegar blend for tough stains. With state-of-the-art machinery ensuring top quality, it offers quick, scratch-free dishwashing. Just a little creates ample lather for a refreshing cleaning experience.

৳ 10৳ 40

Sunbit Dishbar ৳ 10৳ 40
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Manufacturer : Remark HB Limited

Features & Details

1.Sunbit Dishbar with the Extreme Grease Cutter formula.
2. The magical combination of lemon and vinegar cleans even the toughest of stains.
3. Boosted with the power and aroma of lemon, it instantly wipes off grime and grease from dishes.
4. State-of-the-art automatic machinery ensures the highest order of production quality.
5. Provides the quickest and most scratch-free dishwashing solution
6. It offers a fantastic cleaning experience while dishwashing and has a refreshing lemon scent.
7. A little Sunbit produces a large amount of lather and is enough to wash a lot of dishes.

Ingredient List

LABSA, Sodium carbonate, Calcium carbonate, Vineger and Aqua

Recommended Uses For Product

Keep away from children. If product comes
into contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with
clean water. In case of accidental ingestion,
drink plenty of water and seek immediate
medical attention.