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Product Selection Criteria

Your peace of mind matters. We demand clear import evidence from brands, such as Letter of Credit (LC) and import papers, to confirm that their products enter Bangladesh legally and transparently.
Your well-being is important. In cases where needed, brands must secure Research and Development (R&D) clearance, showing that their products meet our standards for innovation and effectiveness.
Your satisfaction is our priority. Brands must obtain clearance from our dedicated Consumer Trial Department, assuring you that every product has undergone rigorous testing and meets our quality benchmarks.
We ensure your safety. All products at Herlan Store are BSTI approved or come with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from BSTI, guaranteeing compliance with Bangladesh’s quality standards.
We care about your health. All products undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure they meet Herlan Store’s stringent quality criteria, including ingredient quality, safety, and effectiveness.
The product will be sent to Gronberg Laboratory USA and they will test the product to see if it passes their quality standard tests.

Step 1

Initial Contact

The brand reaches out to Herlan Store expressing interest in a partnership.

Step 2

Product Evaluation

Herlan Store assesses the brand’s products for compatibility.

Step 3

Negotiation and Agreement

Both parties negotiate terms, including pricing, marketing, and distribution.

Step 4

Vendor Agreement

A formal vendor agreement is drafted and signed.

Step 5

Product Placement

The brand provides its products, which are stocked in Herlan Store outlets.

Step 6

Performance Review

Regular assessments are conducted to evaluate sales and customer feedback.

Step 7

Renewal or Adjustment

Based on performance, both parties decide on renewal, adjustments, or conclusion of the partnership.

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