Herlan Holographic Nail Enamel Maleficent’s Castle

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Net Weight: 11ml
Manufacturer : Product of Remark LLC, USA
Country of Origin : Bulgaria

Product Description

Behold the enchanting Herlan Holographic Nail Polish, the gateway to a realm of lustrous, spellbinding nails that enthrall and enchant. The mesmerizing transformation of this extraordinary polish delicately glides onto your nails, revealing a stunningly smooth film that shimmers with a holographic shimmer, leaving you breathless with its dazzling appeal. Experience the enchantment of a genuinely captivating finale as Herlan Holographic Nail Polish crafts a lustrous, illuminating energy that mirrors luminosity from all angles.


Step 1: Prep Your Nails
Step 2: Shake the Nail Polish
Step 3: Apply the Nail Polish
Step 4: Clean Up Any Mistakes
Step 5: Apply a Top Coat
Step 6: Let Your Nails Dry
Step 7: Enjoy Your Beautiful Nails